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", previously an online replica store that sold replica Chanel handbags, has been shut down as a result of a legal action and subsequent Court Order. The Court also ordered that the former owner transfer the domain name over to CHANEL’s control and pay damages of over $500,000.00.

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The NNBag replica Chanel shop once touted "products we manufacture are virtually indistinguishable from the designer originals in every way. There are cheaper replicas on the market, but there are no better replicas available anywhere."

In most cases with discount replica stores, what is promised should be taken with a grain of salt. Regardless of promising to have been selling the "best" replicas, replica products were completely illegal and usually of poor quality. Replicas are manufactured in factories most often located overseas, likely to be in China. Low cost materials are put together by unskilled workers, without the consent of the original designer. Whether one replica store is better than another store is a concern but not the major concern. The more important issue it the fact that replicas are illegal regardless of where they are purchased. Chanel replicas are not CHANEL and are manufactured and sold without permission from the owner of the designs, which is against the law. Consequently, the quality and integrity of the fakes are often very low quality and not worth the time and money.

To ensure CHANEL authenticity, acquire that new bag or pair of earrings only at the CHANEL boutiques.