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for replica chanel handbags, previously an online replica store that sold replica Chanel handbags, has been shut down as a result of a legal action and subsequent Court Order. The Court also ordered that the former owner transfer the domain name over to CHANEL’s control and pay damages of over $500,000.00.

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About NNBag Replica Chanel Online

What happened to replica seller

To prevent the replica shop, NNBag, from continuing to take advantage of consumers’ high expectations when they see the CHANEL brand, legal action was taken against them in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. The replica case resulted in CHANEL being awarded this domain name and others operated by the same individuals.

What replicas were on

The knockoff Chanel section of the store once appearing on this domain opened with the message which read “Nnbag is dedicated to providing the best and newest designer handbags at a fraction of the cost.” This site and others operated by the same persons sold many replica Chanel goods including a handbag “Chanel 6272 coffee chamois Handbag – Chanel - 2590” which was listed as being W30 x H34 x D14(CM) in size and made of chamois. Among the replica Chanel handbags which were listed as “Featured Products” were items labeled as “Cha-ya061” for $183.00, “Cha-ya036” for $193.00 and “Cha-ya001” for $186.00.

Why is this important information about Chanel replicas?

This information is important to illustrate to consumers the many promises about quality and bargain Chanel prices are made by online Chanel replica outlet shops. Some of them could sound convincing and it would be too late after you end up spending hundreds of dollars on something you may not be happy with. Chanel replicas found online are often of extremely low quality and it is likely that your purchase of a fake pair of Chanel shoes or a knockoff Chanel bracelet could be a big disappointment. Only a genuine will fulfill the expectations you have of a new luxury designer accessory. Genuine CHANEL is to be found at and any of the CHANEL boutiques.